Flu Vaccine!

We carry BOTH, regular flu shots, and HIGH DOSE (Seniors’) flu shot!

FOUR options are available this year, please pick the option that suits you:

Option 1


(if you pick this option you can walk in at any time. You will spend time in-store filling some paperwork)

Option 2

Print the forms at home

Fill it manually, and call the store to book a time slot (if you pick this option you’ll save the time spent in-store to fill out the paperwork)

Download The Form

Option 3

Fill the forms & book your time slot online

(if you pick this option you don’t need to call us, and you’ll save the time spent in-store).

book your slot online

Option 4

Flu shot at your house

This service is not covered by the government. The service is available as first-come first-serve basis, and depends on the availability of a certified pharmacist. Please call the store to book your in-house injection service.

Call 905.278.7041

Please, come in to the store for your flu shot at your designated time slot!

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the email that you provided.